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Positive thinker, acknowledges that there are negative 

elements in the life of every person , but believe me UUC 

problem can be overcome. The positive thinker, a man 

estimated life and refuses defeat. And positive person 

understands that in order to change the status of the 


thinker to full performance in a manner positive thinker 


must possess a serious desire for change .

Above all you have to ask these questions to yourself and 

send it to us with the investigation of honesty and accuracy in

 which :

- Am I a positive person ?

- Do you grew up in a negative atmosphere 

affected in the negative in my character when 

it became an adult ?

- Do you really believe that faith can be 

accomplished anything?

- Am I inclined to negative thinking .. Full 

of  pessimism and doubts in my abilities  self 

and fear for their future ?

- Do I focus my attention on the problems in 

my life, my only directed to the money can be 

accomplished .. Rather than directed to the 

opportunities that may be there in the corner 


- Do you always seem that if there was a 

possibility to get is bad , this is inevitably 

holds for .

- Do you believe in the law of attraction , 

which says : "The positive thoughts give 

positive results and negative thoughts

 give negative results ?

Now Here's a program of positive thinking :

1 . Be optimistic about everything in the next 24 hours just 

tell things suggestive of hope .. Positive things about your 

family and your health and your business and your future .. 

The origin of these ideas for at least a week here and applaud 
 morning and evening , which calls for optimism and 

Inshirah .. And , God willing, you will see how it will change 

your way of thinking and you will find yourself moving 

throughout your life .

2 . Cared diet your mind by reading books or articles or listen 
to programs elevate morale .. And avoid and news stories that 
talk about the tragedies and crimes .. Read the successful 

conduct of those who Hakqo a resounding success , and 

overcame enormous obstacles .

3 . His positive people .. A list of the names of friends and 

decided to spend time with the first of them positive .

4 . Avoid arguments and conflicts and adverse situations .. 

The issues that have no need for and feasibility of engaging in it.

5 . Keep your prayers .. Give yourself time to reflect on the 

wonderful things and beautiful and HBC by God and not 

least the ability to discover the good in every situation.

6 . Make a pushup for fourteen days on the following 

sentence : " I am now thinking positive " or any phrase in the 

same sense , but it feels stronger for you .

7 . After the completion of the period of 21 days was 


to ask questions about positive thinking to yourself and note 

your answers .


Quote of the Day

“You'll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.”

- Julia Child

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