Enough and Too

Enough and too

1- The position of enough :

- Enough goes after adjectives and adverbs:

Examples :

* You won't pass the examination if you don't work hard 


  * She shouldn't get married yet. She's not old enough.

2- The opposite is too. (too hard/too old / too work ...)

  The opposite is too much.../too many 


* We can't go away on holiday. It costs too much (money).

  * There are too many people and not enough chairs

3-  We say enough/too ... for 


Examples :

* I haven't got enough money for a holiday.

  * He wasn't experienced enough for the job.

  * This shirt is too big for me. I need a 

smaller size.

But we usually say enough/too ... to do something (not 'for doing'). So we say:
  enough money to buy something, too young to do something etc.

Examples :

 * I haven't got enough money to go on 

holiday. (not 'for going')

  * He wasn't experienced enough to do the 


  * She's not old enough to get married. or 

She's too young to get married.

  * Let's get a taxi. It's too far to walk home from here.

  * There weren't enough chairs for everyone 
to sit down.


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