Adverbes of manner :

1-Meaning :

Adverbes of manner are used with verbs , the give extra 

information about the way in which something happens or is done 

Adverbes of manner can be uesd in different places in a sentence :

At the start
Slowly he opened the door.

In the middle
He slowly opened the door.

At the end
He opened the door slowly.

However, adverbs of manner cannot be 

placed between verb and object:

He opened slowly the door

Adverbes of manner are most often placed 

at the end of the sentence.

• She answered the question quietly.
• He listened to the instructions carefully.
• She sings and dances beautifully.

Form :

Most adverbs of manner are formed by 

adding -ly to the adjective form 

Example :

• sad – sadly
• patient – patiently
• slow – slowly
• proud – proudly

However, some adverbes are spelt


With adjectives ending in -le, the -le is 

replaced by -ly gentle – gently

With adjectives ending in -y, the -y is 


by -ily. angry – angrily

But one syllable adjectives ending in -y simply 
add -ly. Shy – shyly

With adjectives ending in -ic, -ally is added. 

Automatic – automatically

Adverbs of degree can describe adjectives or 

other adverbes.

• she's really intelligent

• she works very hard


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