10 ways to overcome fear in exam

10 ways to overcome fear in exam

I always joke, saying we hope that discernible

Google site with us during the exam in 


to be all the exam answers in our hands at the 

moment, and this is certainly due to the 

anxiety and tension that haunt many of us 

before and during the exams order not to fall 

into the trap of anxiety and stress during 

exams and who may come negative result and 

unsatisfactory to you and your family.


1 - Prepare a schedule of 15-20 days 

before the exam :


The found that the exam was not left on the 

schedule, only 20 days, not to worry and fear 

simply exploiting the twentieth day in the 

work schedule memorization determine which 

time period you want for each subject and do 

your best in its implementation and reduced 

time to rest it and if you wake up at night 

more than the day must abound of hours of 

studying at night, and so set the schedule for 

your studies during that period the way that 

suits your circumstances and the nature of 

your day.

2 - considering the exams for the years

 preceding article :


The consultation random alone is not enough 

where you should take a look and examine the 
method of preparation of exams for a 

substance that would run Amthanha to know 

what is the form of the exam and what are the 

questions most Seen exams there is a high 

probability that you see some of the questions 

in the previous years and found also in the 

exam to be submitted

3 - Points notation and important notes


Too bad that the exams during the search, for 

example, or on a specific definition of the term is, 

therefore, must you have to write down any notes or 
key points in the

A small notebook where help you to refer to the 

group definitions and notes that you took during the 

deliberation and knowledge is up to it at one time 

and then should this activity before the date of the 

exam two weeks or three.

4 - committed to the main curriculum 

scheduled to you : 

The reading and broadening understanding, an 

increase of knowledge is something important and 

very useful, but abandoned it during the days of the 

exam and committed approach to be you just do 

not even dispersion mind the amount of 


a huge impact on your understanding and your 

perception of the approach to the basic set you by 

the school or university, which taught them where 

that commitment curriculum, you can get a 

satisfactory result in the exam.

5 - Avoid quarrels and scrimmage with friends

 and family :


The fights and skirmishes be a very bad outcome 

you where it increases anxiety and mental stress, so 

try as much as possible to avoid any altercation or 

conversation and spar with members of your family 

or friends at least during the exams until this 

period passes peacefully.

6 - spend time in meditation and mental 

relaxation :


You can eliminate the anxiety and tension and stress 
through one treatment is meditation, where you 

might be well prepared for the exam, but anxiety 

makes you forget what you have to study it, and 

here comes the role of meditation which helps us to 

get rid of this negative, and the student must be 

based meditation for 5 -10 minutes a day before the 
exam, which helps him to ease his anxieties 


7 - Avoid last minute memorization : 


A waiting for the arrival of exam time for the 

memorization new part did not  before because this 

procedure is not true at all, you will not remember 

this new part during the exam, but be sure to take 

advantage of this time to review the part that you e 

before because this makes the information to take 

root and prove in your mind.

8 - Avoid a lot of discussions with friends 

before the exam : 


Do you have completed the memorization of 

material? Is part left without memorization? I did 

anything I study? Are always these are the 

dialogues that take place between friends before the 
exam, which often provoke anxiety and fear you 

have, so try as much as possible to reduce these 

conversations that do not interest them and which 

are a waste of time.

9 - I understand the article well : 


Should not deal with the exam as a mere white 

paper received by some of the words and phrases 

that you save that this would increase your stress as 

you miss all the meanings of trust yourself because 

you see it's just a means of transport for the words 

from the books to the examination paper, so you 

should try to understand lesson well as the 

understanding will remain stuck your memory 

forever and will not be exposed to forget.

10 - high in self-confidence :


I always treat others with the exam on that last 

day, or that a suicide operation, such a negative 

feeling dominates the mind so you have to deal 

with the exam as a mere step or event is very 

unusual and is not a matter of life or death, and 

leaves no one that Iotrk or reduces your self-

confidence as it would make you forget even the 

information that you know the school and its 

reservation so well so be sure of yourself and your 

firm and also prepared and calm.

By this means very simple and easy will be able to 

pass exam  kind of strength and confidence, focus 

and reap good fruit and a satisfactory outcome for 

you and your family .

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