What is Globalization ?



The term is still (globalization) of ambiguous terms, which 

did not specify its parameters accurately; Despite the large 

number of books and studies that I wrote it. 

   Globalization is opening up about the world, and the 

movement is flowing culturally, economically, and politically 

and Technology, where the director is dealing with the world 

of today fade in which the effect of the political and 

geographical boundaries, we've got capital moves without 

restriction and without moving the borders, and information 

flow unimpeded until overflowing sometimes absorb energy 

managers. These cultures overlapped and merged and 

converged markets, and these states united Vozalt economic 

and geographical boundaries, and companies allied Vtpadlt 

markets, information and cross-border investments, and this 

globally influential organizations such as the World Bank, the 

International Monetary Fund 


Relationship globalization of cultural identity

Before entering in explaining the 

relationship between globaization 

andcultural identity must be listed the 

most important characteristics of each. The 

most prominent privacy  globalization being 
sought to create a unified, global does not 

accept the particulars nor distinctions are 

gilded and one final at the global level while 

featuring cultural identity characteristics may 

be in its entirety opposite of the 

characteristics of globalization because they 
go to the uniqueness and diversity and 

differences reverse globalization, which calls 

for unity and can go back to the cultural 

identity of three

1-The identity of the individual within the tribe or sect or 

party defending the independence and individual excellence

2- Collective identity defends privacy constituent group

3-There is a national identity or national boasts its elements 

of urban and cultural distinctive from the rest of the nations 

and nationalities of other


Perhaps the most embodies the impact of globalization on 

the cultures of other communities is widespread and 

substantial, Inc.

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