What can do to save the Environment ?


The environment is a shelter that surrounds the human 

being from his home to any activity practiced by man was 

taken rights in this era and earlier in the stability of 

civilization which has been associated closely fundamental 

actively society in the cities and the insides because the 

characteristic Bedouin has shrunk slowly until almost vanish 

in the desert there is a so-called Balndja which is supervised 

by senior people have been able to nomadism to get rid of the 

remnants of stability temporary so I took in the way of living 

that change places descends in winter and in summer to 

move away from its headquarters old replace it at the last , 

and so on , but the city character of lasting stability , making 

the state establish sectors responsible for providing the 

services of a stable society it is the Environmental Protection 

Agency of determining the responsibility of the citizen and 

his guidance to his usual practice in life

Without tampering with the remnants of his activities 

without having to worry about them and saves the waste in 

good condition to be ready to move to the places of assembly, 

and this is the task of the men protecting the environment 

state has allocated financial budgets for the protection of the 

environment, but still this task in an urgent need to make a
lot of efforts , including:


The provision of modern machinery for the transfer of waste 

and the use of jars What we're saying , Jada seems to lag 

behind in our picture , which we hope to reverse this style 

because it reflects to foreigners and even the ordinary citizen 

image disproportion evolution that has occurred in the world 

f environmental protection
There are countries that have made it a national waste 

income , whether from regular garbage or scrap the remnants 

of cars and other

And our iron and steel plant should offer him the car or 

make it in the public bidding for the purchase by specialized 


As well as the issue of manufacturing trash the What we're 

saying in the only factory - accidentally Sawani - must think 

of men protecting the environment in the transfer of the 

plant to points far from the cities , because this plant is the 

same factor spoiling the environment and what's played 

factory single in residues accumulate above the mountains 

that it gives a picture not to develop this vital and important 

aspect that must be set up several factories in the city all 

places do not affect the rights or the environment


The men protecting the environment lead the citizen's media

 day as we hear in the media brotherly countries and raise 

the stick of punishment for each messed waste , whatever its 

location and announce to make the advantages and 

incentives for each locality interested in waste and make 

money for this purpose , because money is the lifeblood of 

the implementation of each project for the benefit of the 

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