Smoking Effects;postID=3329703262755790944

Smoking leads to infection with many diseases and health

 crises  heart attack and stroke , and respiratory diseases and 

cancer ( particularly lung cancer ), in addition to other 

health problems and thus premature death . In addition , the 

symptoms that result from contracting an illness caused by 

smoking lead to increased stress and psychological and thus 

adversely affect the quality of life from an early age .;postID=3329703262755790944

Not only is health , smoking also affects the appearance of 

your skin , which makes you look bigger than you are real . 

And also affects the taste of the food Haceh may lead to 

impotence in men. Even if you're not interested in your 

health and your health , you should know that smoking 

displays from around the involuntary smoking .

Second-hand smoke is an inhalation of tobacco smoke from 

smokers. If you decide to continue smoking you are exposed 

family members and friends of the injured multiple types of 

cancers as well as heart disease and lung . Smoking also 

affects the children and put them at greater risk of diseases 

such as cirrhosis of the ear and asthma. It is worth 

mentioning here that the children of smokers are more 

susceptible to 3 times for children of non- smokers for 

smoking addiction in the future .

Benefits of Quitting Smoking;postID=3329703262755790944

Stopping smoking is not easy , but when you

 observe dramatic improvement to your life 

and your health after you stop smoking, will 

also help those around you to quit smoking 

How do I benefit from stopping 

smoking ?;postID=3329703262755790944

Reduce the risk of disease and sexual 

dysfunction or death that may result from 

cancer or heart and lung disease or peripheral 

vascular disease , which may lead , for 

example, to amputation.

Protect the health of those around you not to 

expose them to second-hand smoking .

Improve the level of your fertility and thus 

carry a safe and healthy children .

Improve breathing and fitness in general .

Enjoy the taste of food better.

Improve the appearance of the skin clearly.

How will improve my lifestyle ?;postID=3329703262755790944

Will not be repulsive smell

You will return material benefits

The appearance of your skin and your teeth 

will improve

You will be more confident and proud of 

yourself in social situations . Will not worry 

again of second-hand smoke caused which 

harms those around you

Your home will become more brisk and purity 

 where you will get rid of the smell of tobacco 

adhesion furniture and walls of your home .

Reduce the risk of fire in your home

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