Linking Words

Linking Words

1- The Uses Of The Linking Words :

-We use Linking words to connect ideas and sentences 

when we speak or write English. We can use linking 

words to give examples, add information, sequence

 information, give a reason or result, or to contrast 


A- Linking Words for Adding Information:

As well as – And – In addition – too – Also

Furthermore – moreover – in addition to

Apart from – Besides

 C- Ideas are often linked by and , separated by a comma 

only (,) , except the last thing before the word and.

Examples :

-       We talked about theater, music and education

D- links words expressions of reason :

Because – as – since- because of –due to

Owing to – As a result of

Due to the fact that

Examples : 

-He stayed in bed because he was ill.

-As it was raining , we stayed at home

E- linking words expressions of result

That’s why – that’s the reason why

So – therefore – Consequently

Examples : 

-I didn’t have enough money; consequently I didn’t buy a car.

- It was raining so we stayed at home .

F- linking words expressions of sequenc ideas

Firstly – secondly – finally – the following

The latter – the former – lastly

The first point is

Examples : 

G- linking words expressions of contrast ideas

However – but – while – unlike – in spite of

Although – despite – nonetheless – whereas

Examples : 

-Although we went to the theater , it was closed

-We went to the theater , however , it was closed

-We went to the theater , but it was closed


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