( Sure)

 A / AN

( Not sure)

A = consennant / An = vowels

1-Indefinite article :

we use thr indefinite article in general with unknow 


2-Definite article :

The we use it a particular noun thing or object ...etc

that both the speaker and listene know

Example :

The sky is bleu 

I see a stars in the sky 


The first time we talk about something use A / AN 

but if you repeat it use The

Example :

I live in a building, the bulding went an fire 

She goes to a school, the school is far from her home

Note : we use the with superlatives;condinal 

numbers, proper nouns
3-Do not use articiles with 0

  • Counties, cities , mountains , lakes , when you retalking about 

  • things in general
  • Names of school subjects
  • Languages , rationalites 
  • Abstract words ( life, love, death...etc)
Exemple with The :

The capital of France is Paris 

I have found The book i lost it 

Did you clean the car ?

Exemple with a / an :

I was born in a beautifull city

have you got a pen 

John had an omellette for lunch 

check here for exercises : 

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Quote of the Day

“You'll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.”

- Julia Child

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